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Through all the activities in the New Life Centre we strive to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. Since the centre began in 1999 we have opened our doors to all in the community.

The Centre warmly welcomes and supports all who interact with it.  Staff work to make people feel at home and experience the feeling of a living community. The Centre supports the community through the provision of a broad range of vital community support services, e.g. crèche, after-school for 5-12 year olds, educational grinds, junior youth club and senior youth club, special needs group, sports club, adult activities, therapies and courses, active age groups and ladies club, drop-in and counselling services.

In addition, we also support and facilitate the work of other agencies working in the community and enjoy collaborative partnerships with Sphere 17, Northside Partnership, School Completion, Target and local primary and secondary schools.

The centre aims to meet the needs of the disadvantaged, assisting them in breaking through the issues that stop them accessing mainstream life. It strives to enhance their potential, through social, educational and personal developmental programmes. It aims to create a sustainable holistic centre from cradle to the grave.

We work in an inclusive, intergenerational, integrated way with anti-poverty focus to our work, and facilitate people in bringing about change in their lives. Each year our programmes change to meet the new needs of the community.

The Centre acts as a first step towards participation and social inclusion for all in the community in particular the vulnerable and marginalised.