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In addition to paid staff there are 12 volunteers who assist in the running of the Centre on a regular basis and a large group who are willing to assist on special occasions or when there are particular pressures on the employed staff.

The young volunteer leaders who have worked their way up through the clubs are a great asset to the Centre. In addition, some of the older generation have also volunteered to work with the young people. These women are active in the clubs and love working with the young people. It is lovely to see different generations working together.

The White Paper on Supporting Voluntary Activity aims to provide a modern framework of support and encouragement for the Community and Voluntary sector. This document gives formal recognition to the partnership ethos that informs the working relationship between the public and volunteer sectors, while recognising the differences between them. It highlights the important role of NGOs with regard to policy implications and practice.

With that in mind, at present our aim is to empower people from the community through voluntary or paid work to feel ownership of the centre. All volunteers are trained in child protection, disability awareness, and leadership training.

Our Volunteers

Maeve Canavan